Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 6: Cheat Day

Sorry for the missing days ... I got sick and played hostess for Cinco de Mayo which kept me pretty busy.

Weight: 112.4
Lean Mass: 71.6%
Fat Mass: 28.4%
BMI: 19.9

Today I get to eat whatever I want in order to access the effect that certain foods have on me.

Brunch: stack of pancakes with strawberries from Cafe LULUc, cookie

Experiencing some food comatose and bloatiness.

Snack: guacamole, taco filling, more cookies

Even more bloaty

Dinner: chili, cucumber salad, brownies and half a beer

Have to call an early night. I'm congested, sneezy, drowsy, and moody.

I will never do this again :-(

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