Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mac-ing it

Even though this is a fashion blog, I just wanted to share what I've been working on the past month instead of blogging ...

I've been trying to make macarons for Tazy's French themed birthday party! All of the attempts have not been successful though ... 

Chocolate ones are really hard to make. Between me and Tazy we made three batches of macarons that completely pwned us in shape and/or form. These things are really temperamental. So far my first batch has been the best, but I have another 3 batches still to make.

Here are my gold ones before I put them in the oven.

Here is what they look like baked [different cookie sheet]

And a finished batch! Now I have 3 more batches like this to make ...

Recipe by The Brave Tart

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My First Poll

I'm trying out the new polling gadget ... so please direct your attention to the left side of the blog for my poll on what to get for my upcoming milestone birthday ... the BIG 3 0.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

They're not full grown yet ...

but my biceps are starting to show!

It's been about 8 classes at Physique 57, and I'm seeing some subtle changes. My legs feel more firmed and toned, though not any bigger. My bicep is more toned. I think my posture has improved. I'm disappointed that my gut isn't gone, but I think it's more because I'm a wuss than the classes not being effective. So far, it has been worth the money, but I still have another 2 weeks to go. Wish me luck! Bikini here I come!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Little Fashionista

The year was 1995, and my mom had just come to the end of a difficult pregnancy. We were still in the midst of trying to pick baby names, and we [my dad, my grandmother, my aunt, my brother and I] piled into our new purple minivan [Barney the Nissan Quest] to head to the hospital. At the last minute we had decided on a name that meant "smile" and "pillar of support" for the new baby's name, and my grandmother decided on the nickname "Tisha" so she would have a name that sounded similar to my brother's name and mine [we both have names that start with a "sha"]. Shady was excited about becoming a big brother at three, I was still grappling with the idea that I was no longer the only girl in the house at thirteen ... and my dad was talking nonstop about how this was the best birthday he's ever had.

We arrived at the hospital and friends of the family came rushing up to us to congratulate us. One auntie in particular pulled me aside and said "you won't believe me until you see her, but she's just like you." And she was right. Sleeping in a bassinet in the nursery was a face I could recognize anywhere, a face I have seen since the first time I looked in a mirror. She was lighter skinned, but she had my same ringlets of hair, and she had my furrowed brows [my parents said I was born contemplative, thus the furrowed brows]. And I decided that she was mine, all mine. That no one was going to get between us, and there would never be any sibling jealousy to make us fight. I loved her at first sight.

Shady meanwhile couldn't wait to get his hands on her, to rock her in his arms, and to tickle her until she giggled. He had finally found someone to play with who wasn't always kicking him out of the room for being too small. I think he fell in love with her at first sight too.

And it's hard not to love her. She has a smile that brightens everyone's day. She is the most photogenic of the three siblings.

She would make us giggle when she was trying to be coy.

And she has always been our pretty pretty princess.

And this year, she turns sixteen. My baby and best friend is growing up too fast for any of us, but she's grown into a beautiful, intelligent young woman.

Happy Birthday Baby Catush,
from your Apush and Bhaiyush