Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry for not posting

Dealing with some medical issues right now ... will report back once I'm done being ill. ugh.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Money Saving Problems

Taking on the Anthroholic Shopping Ban was pretty much a no brainer for me. Not that I spend a lot, but that since starting this blog I have changed my shopping habit a lot. I'm a lot more critical about what I buy, and I would rather just save money. But for some reason, even with this ban and being more mindful of my money, I can't seem to find where our money is leaking. My husband and I make a decent amount, but we never save quite enough at the end of the month towards the future home we plan to buy. Furthermore, there are all these expenses coming up that I really don't know how to curb.

  • We're taking a family vacation to Paris soon, and that has been in the works for YEARS. It's the trip my parents planned for Tazy's 16th birthday, and I can't imagine missing out on her trip to the place she's been dreaming about seeing since she was 12.
  • It's Graduation season, which means presents. I don't want to look like a cheapskate ... but Bengali ppl have really rich tastes, and judge you based on what you spent instead of the thought behind it.
  • My husband has taken on this diet for the past 5 months which has worked great for him ... but hasn't been great on the wallet. Groceries get kinda expensive when you refuse to eat any carbohydrates. Carbs are cheap, and I would rather gorge myself on peanut butter sandwiches until we can afford a home than have to borrow money. But that isn't really a choice for him ...
  • Because my husband is on this diet I have been on this diet too ... which means like my husband I've lost weight ... which means my clothes are starting to not fit. I tend to shop for things my sister and I can both wear, but now I've lost a lot of bulk and stuff just doesn't look good on me. And even though I'm on this shopping ban, sometime in the near future I'm going to have to rehash my wardrobe before I get criticized for wearing t-shirts and jeans to work everyday when nothing else fits. Same goes for hubby ... he needs new clothes too so he doesn't look like he only owns clothes that fall of of him. Hopefully taking sewing lessons in July will help in elongating the life of our over-sized clothes.
Ok, I'm done whining now ... on with my day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Monday

H&M scarf
Aeropostale polo
Forever21 jeans

Outfit inspired by Twenty.Something

Monday, May 9, 2011

OOTD: Blues and Grays

Express cardi
Anthro belt
Forever21 tee
Fields Skirt
ballet slippers

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Abercrombie halter circa 1999
Fields Skirt

And I twisted my hair up ... may be my new go to hairstyle

P.S. I am never using 1800Flowers to order flowers again ... I'm pretty furious with how my mom's bouquet looks nothing like what I ordered.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just another boring OOTD

Felt very exhausted from entertaining the teen bro and his teen best friend. I forgot college kids can stay up until the wee hours without crashing like us old folk. Didn't make much effort to get dressed in the morning, and didn't care much that I looked out of place shopping for shoes with my bro at Saks Fifth Ave.

That is said bro entertaining himself with his phone.
"Why was I shopping?" you may ask since I'm participating in Kim's shopping ban ...well, because like I said before, I am in desperate need of flats. It's the only thing I will allow myself to cheat on during this ban, though it doesn't look like I'll be any successful in buying a pair this month. I couldn't decide if shoes were too tight or too loose since I don't remember the last time I bought flats ... or wore a pair for more than a couple of hours before flinging them across the room never to be seen again. My brother came along/was dragged along because he has a good eye for fashion and value. The contest is pretty much between a pair of flats by Tory Burch ... or these Prada ballet flats.

Those big bows are so totally me ... but I hate that they are patent shoes ... and that they cost so freaking much. I want the bows but not the shoes ... if only I could transport these fluffy bows onto the front of a pair of eddie flats by Tory Burch. Hhhhhhhmmmmmm.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

My OOTD will be up later since I couldn't get hubby man to get out of bed before I left for work ... but I promise that it's as cute as my Tazy [see previous post].

Today is also Day One of Kim's Shopping Ban. Go check it out if you haven't already. In support I'm going to try really really really hard not to buy anything for myself. This is slightly different from this blog's previous goal since I was allowed to buy accessories [maybe even makeup]. Not this time around. No accessories or clothes. No new makeup. My only cheat I will allow myself is a new pair of flats. Since I own none and continue to fail in buying any.


Forever21 pants and tunic
H&M headband
Capezio ballet slippers [no outside shoes allowed in my home]

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Loveliest Sweet Sixteen

photo compliments of Ami