Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I've learned so far ...

  • As much as I love Anthropologie, I've had a harder and harder time justifying clothing purchases from there. I know I can count on Anthro for accessories, but I've grown more critical about everything else there that could tempt me.
  • I still have a really hard time looking at basic pieces rather than eclectic pieces of clothing.
  • I'm over the disposable fashion of places like Forever21. 
  • I'm more of a brand whore than I thought. Not to say I go seeking out luxury brands. It's more like I've finally found stores/brands that speak to my fashion sense while still upholding quality. 
  • Shopping around exhausts me. I know that being in a recession has forced people to shop around for the best deals, but I can't really stand going to multiple stores to find the cheapest price.
  • The Internet has been my friend for bargain shopping.
  • The sales/clearance rack is my friend. If it's not on sale, it's not worth buying.
  • I wish I had discovered Dear Creatures sooner. The quality of the Camp Dress I got was completely unexpected and impressive, even if I look like a Brownie Scout.
  • Thinking about the possibility of knitting my own sweater(s) this Fall gets me really excited about creative possibilities.
  • I like shopping for my Hubby and baby sister more than I like shopping for me.
  • I'm starting to accept my body/figure more now that I'm married and get constant constructive criticism from someone who cares that I look good and feel good about myself. You have no idea how refreshing it is to have someone tell me I shouldn't be ashamed about the way I look.
and most importantly ...

  • I didn't know how much I was really going to miss my sibs. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Shadman and Tisha, and what they are up to, and if they are being treated well, and when I'll get to curl up next to them and listen to them be teenagers, and wishing they were still small enough to carry one on each hip like I used to. I'm sure they get embarrassed by me, but I can't help loving them so much because they are the center of my universe.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Reviews, and how I've been a bad bad girl ...

Reviews: Since my office has summer Fridays now, I get out of work early and get to frolic around Manhattan as I please ... until Hubby gets home. He usually doesn't like standing around while I shop, so I try to get all my window shopping done while he is at work.

Decided to go try on some stuff that definitely had me taking a second look, though I didn't have any intention of buying anything. First up ...

Daring Dart Blouse-This lovely is on sale now, and though it may look pretty cute on some girls, it definitely was not cute on me. I really like Edme & Esyllte's style, but this blouse wasn't doing anything fabulous for me. As always, I sized down because Edme & Esyllte seems to run large.

Ring of Bows Tank-This tank top is actually really cute. I was drawn to the various bows. I'm not usually a fan of cotton knit shirts, but I could see this as being a good buy at a lower end store. I couldn't justify the price for something knit from Anthro.

Flutter-Flutter Blouse-This knit confection might not look the price, but it sure was comfy. I love the little surprise tail in the back. I would definitely wear something like this if it was more affordable because it was so summer perfect.

 All Ports Tank- I wish this top were a dress instead. The EK Jam Factory clothes are definitely styles I would love to own, though the prices are steep according to my budget. This dress would have really tugged at my wallet if it were in dress form. I love the little bit of pink at the collar, though I generally dislike the color pink. The stripes are not too childish, and the trapeze cut is not too flared to make one get lost in the fabric.

Fair Winds Blouse- Another shirt I wouldn't have minded seeing as a dress. Very comfortable. And I loved that the armholes were lined with cotton piping. This fabric would not be friendly against sweaty skin on a hot day, but the cotton parts would definitely help to keep this top comfortably on [instead of you wishing you could rip it off in discomfort].

Nearby Coast Dress- This is a EK Jam Factory confection I probably would have rather seen as a shirt. The dress is a lovely bright red, and the print is adorable. But it might be TOO red. The white piping really does a great job of breaking it up, but a softer color would probably have made this sailor style dress more appealing at its price point. Very comfortable otherwise.

Two-Wheeler Shirtdress- I only tried this dress on because so many bloggers seem to be in love with it. I was not in love with it. I felt like I looked really bulky, and the sleeves were really tight. I'm kinda glad that I didn't wait around for this dress to come back in stock and got the Beda dress instead. I think I look better in the Beda.

Grand Island Dress- I wanted to love this dress so bad. It was so much fun to put on with all the buttons. It looked like a good idea ... on the hanger. But on me, it was a mess. I didn't know what to do with the cowl neck. I couldn't get it to look appealing ... and I feel like I'm wearing a sack [though my husband says I can make a sack look good]. I loved the color. I loved the concept. I didn't love my execution of it. Very saddened by this.

[UPDATE]Polynesia Greetings Dress- This dress isn't even listed on the website it seems, but it is very nice in person. Though ... it is also a possible train-wreck for me. I loved the print. I loved the cut of it. But my body didn't like it. My chest tried to make a break out through the neckline of this dress. The print is lovely, and made me think about my pending honeymoon. The bows on the shoulders scream summer getaway dress, maybe on a beach or boardwalk ... with a margarita in hand. This dress was not for my larger-than-the-rest-of-me chest/body type, but I'm sure many other girls can pull of this very comfortable dress. Well worth the price if you can keep your chest from spilling out.

Fragmented Reflections Dress- This dress was a nightmare. I couldn't even get the zipper up. The lace on top is lovely in concept, but one would definitely need the help of their significant other to get into it. I hooked it in the back and only got the zipper up an inch before giving up. The slip is also really transparent. For a dress that is lined, I could still see my undies. Not good ... not good at all. I would not recommend this dress.

Roasted Serrano Dress- Love the construction of this dress. I usually hate halter dresses, but this one was great once on. The dress has a side zip instead of the annoying back zip accompanied by difficult-to-tie sash. The sash, once tied, does not need to be untied to get in and out of this dress. Definitely a feature I like. The design and thread work is beautiful. I loved the eyelet hem. This would probably be on top of my list of summer must-have dresses.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Greatest frustration of this experiment

It has come to my attention that I have a great deal of stuff missing. I normally wouldn't get upset about something disappearing temporarily ... only to reappear years later. But I'm on this shopping diet, which means that every available article of clothing is vital and essential. It really pains me that clothes that I've never gotten around to wearing, that still have tags on them ... have gone missing just when I really really want to wear it. Take for example my orange H&M dress from last summer with the peacocks. Now that I don't have to worry about my mom thinking I look scandalous in it because she'll never get to see me wear it around now [muwahahahahaha], I've failed to locate this elusive dress. It's brand new. Never been worn. I only tried it on once in the store. With moving twice and my wardrobe being split up between households, I've been literally tearing my hair out looking for it ... and my favorite shorts ... and my favorite sunhat. It's like someone bagged up all the clothes I looked forward to wearing and hid them.

I'm currently in the process of tearing my apartment down from roof to floor looking for every possible sign of my missing clothes. I hope Hubby doesn't kill me in the process.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why is married life so difficult?

I thought that I would get some bliss once I got married to Hubby.

I thought the parental unit would finally leave me alone.

I was wrong ...

My mother seems to think that now that I am married, she can dictate BOTH of our social calendars. I haven't had a free weekend away from my mother in I feel like MONTHS. Hubby is actually getting sick and tired of driving and busing it over to Rockland every weekend. Don't get me wrong, I would hop on the bus/train/car for my lovely sibs, but my mother is a whole 'nother story. I was especially excited about seeing my sis and bro on Sunday night BECAUSE my mother wasn't home to disrupt quality time with my kitty luv and monkey [luv you Tazy & Shady].

Plus, she's increased the criticism 10 fold. She called me today at work just to make fun of my peeling skin [I suffer from eczema] and how I look like I have premature wrinkles [I'm freaking 28 and look like my 18 year old brother's twin]. She also kept commenting how my makeup makes me look dark. Compared to my mom, most Desi people are dark. She's the whitest Bengali I know.

Add to this ... her constant criticism of the way I dress. She thinks my shopping at Anthro is a complete waste because "it looks all slutty" to her. This coming from a woman who went on Hadj .... OBVIOUSLY ANYTHING SHOWING SKIN IS SLUTTY TO YOU!

My saving grace is that Hubby actually ENCOURAGES me to dress in cute stuff. He LIKES when I pull out a new pair of heels to wear out to dinner. And he LOVES watching me put makeup on because he feels like I'm doing something special just for him. He's always trying to find excuses to show me off to people because he thinks I'm the HOTTEST GIRL ON THE PLANET! yeay Hubby!

If it weren't for all these [sometimes pointless] trips, I would have Hubby cronicle my outfit choices more often for this blog. Le Sigh ...