Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why is married life so difficult?

I thought that I would get some bliss once I got married to Hubby.

I thought the parental unit would finally leave me alone.

I was wrong ...

My mother seems to think that now that I am married, she can dictate BOTH of our social calendars. I haven't had a free weekend away from my mother in I feel like MONTHS. Hubby is actually getting sick and tired of driving and busing it over to Rockland every weekend. Don't get me wrong, I would hop on the bus/train/car for my lovely sibs, but my mother is a whole 'nother story. I was especially excited about seeing my sis and bro on Sunday night BECAUSE my mother wasn't home to disrupt quality time with my kitty luv and monkey [luv you Tazy & Shady].

Plus, she's increased the criticism 10 fold. She called me today at work just to make fun of my peeling skin [I suffer from eczema] and how I look like I have premature wrinkles [I'm freaking 28 and look like my 18 year old brother's twin]. She also kept commenting how my makeup makes me look dark. Compared to my mom, most Desi people are dark. She's the whitest Bengali I know.

Add to this ... her constant criticism of the way I dress. She thinks my shopping at Anthro is a complete waste because "it looks all slutty" to her. This coming from a woman who went on Hadj .... OBVIOUSLY ANYTHING SHOWING SKIN IS SLUTTY TO YOU!

My saving grace is that Hubby actually ENCOURAGES me to dress in cute stuff. He LIKES when I pull out a new pair of heels to wear out to dinner. And he LOVES watching me put makeup on because he feels like I'm doing something special just for him. He's always trying to find excuses to show me off to people because he thinks I'm the HOTTEST GIRL ON THE PLANET! yeay Hubby!

If it weren't for all these [sometimes pointless] trips, I would have Hubby cronicle my outfit choices more often for this blog. Le Sigh ...

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