Saturday, May 8, 2010

What falling off the wagon looks like.

So I have a confession. Some weeks ago ... I fell off the no-spending diet wagon. I caved and made some purchases that broke the rules of the blog. Though I have to say in my defense, I needed some new things in my closet, i.e. comfortable shoes to wear at work and more wardrobe staples to wear to work. One of my purchases was totally on the whim, but I can see myself wearing long maxis a lot this summer.

Now, without further ado ... my purchases:

The Beda Dress & Depriest Boots
complimented by my already owned and loved belt from Anthro [name of which has slipped my mind]

I got the following on a whim:

The Sand-Skimmer Dress
complimented by my old Aerosole sandals.
It is really long! But I thought it very comfortable for the warm summer days to come. I definitely needed to wear a tank underneath like was recommended in reviews since the top is really sheer. I think it's really cute, and can easily go from looking Western to looking Victorian.

The hubby was a bit disappointed in my falling off the wagon. He started poking fun at me for a week, saying now I was going to go on a shopping binge. But honestly, I haven't really bought anything since. I might have to purchase some flat sandals this summer, but I might be able to manage with things hiding around my parents' house. They have a tendency of squirreling away shoes in the basement. The hubby did like the Beda dress more than the Sand-Skimmer ... but that's probably because one shows my body off better than the other.

So I only had really one good outfit this week worth taking a picture of. It was so worth showing that I wore it twice [to two different places] this week.

The Pitter-Patter Dress & my Marrs boots
I call it my May Day dress since a) it's white, which is a requirement; and b) it has a design in my BMC class color [baby blue].

I also tried on some stuff in store yesterday, just for kicks.

This skirt is really cute, and I don't think it's up on the website. I liked the special effects of the design when you move around. It's by Edme & Esyllte, and it sorta looks like the Circle the Globe skirt in fit.

I tried on the Beda dress in green. I don't think I liked it as much. The lace on the chest is nicer on the white one than the green one, in my opinion.

Sorta got a shot of how the back pops up ... but it might also be the way I took the picture.

Hovering dots dress.
I probably would have gotten this one if I wasn't back on the no-spending diet. The top contrasts really nicely with the bottom half of the dress. It's a chiffon top with polka dots on top of a cotton and eyelet skirt. A little day, a little night. It even comes with straps if you don't want to go strapless. I really like that it has this option. The Around the World dress also has this option, which is why I bought it for my birthday. I have a really hard time wearing strapless dresses because of my chest area.

I think the hubby would have especially liked this dress since there are buttons instead of a zipper.

Roped in Dress
I totally hated this dress. The top is way too big. There is no way of getting into this dress without assistance. And it doesn't come with any straps to alleviate the fact that the top is too big. I normally wear a 4 or 6, but this dress felt like I had to size down to a 0 in order for the top to stay up.
And seriously, how was I supposed to tie myself into this dress. Cute concept, but no way of executing it. And yes, I am holding me chest for dear life because they were falling out of the dress.
This is me falling out of the top. Those puppies didn't have to try hard to get out. There is no restraint or tension along the top of this  bodice.

Now I am off to prepare for my trip home for Mother's Day. Two mothers ... one day.

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  1. The white beda dress looks gorgeous on you!