Monday, January 27, 2014


I haven't blogged in almost a year. In fact, five posts ago was my post from a year ago about how I was going to be a better blogger. So yea ... EPIC FAIL.

But here I am ... ready to ramble once again about my goals this year.

I'm binging on Oreos ... probably because Saturday is the 1st of February, and I like to start my diet attempts on the first of the month.

Might start Bachata classes again next week ... YEAY!

Got some new patterns to try out for my Etsy shop. Hopefully will be better about posting my Works in Progress [WIP].

I still hate my day job ... no news there.

I've been better about using stuff from my stash. Wish me luck.

The only resolution I've really made is to resolve my eczema issue. It's out of control and is greatly hindering my quality of life.

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