Thursday, December 2, 2010

I can explain ...

Man ... I am really bad at this blogging thing. I kept swearing that I would be better about chronicling my outfits this year, but I found that I rarely had any outfit worth blogging about. I became so lazy at putting outfits together at the end of my last job.

Yes ... I said last job.

I got a new job! I started less than a month ago, and I am so happy now!

I took a couple of pics my first week at work since the bathroom has a full length mirror, but they all came out like this:

Not really showing the cuteness of the Reed Shirtdress or my shoes.

I did resort to taking pics at Anthro, which brought one thing to my attention:

I wear really dark clothes. I don't know when this happened, but I seem to own a lot of black [Blackboard dress and I forgot the name of the jacket].

I did manage to get a pic of the great outfit I wore to work yesterday. It was my attempt to replicate a classy look from the Anthro catalog from last summer:

Great Lengths Sweater
Languid Layers Skirt
Bowtie belt from Anthro
Tights from H&M
Headband by Sue of Giant Dwarf on Etsy.


  1. Great copy cat Anthro Outfit. The Scarf Tied Belt is the perfect addition to the Purple Sweater Dress. I love the Great Lengths Sweater Dress in Green, with the Buds and Vines Cardi, Malted Barley Boots, and Striped Tights. And a Tataborella Pendant for sparkle. See my outfit below. Sweater Dress Outfit
    Laura anthroclosetchaos

  2. My Shutterfly site won't load. Please visit me at Anthro Closet Chaos

    Sorry for the multiple posts.