Friday, September 17, 2010

Kitty Dress Up and OOTD

A couple of weeks ago the Kitty and Monkey came to visit. Since Tazy rarely blogs about fashion, I made her try stuff at Anthro just so I can post about it.

So without further delay, here is what Anthropologie looks like on a 15 year old girl:

Tulip Curtsy Blazer

Clearly not the best with a plaid tunic, but it was definitely a cute Fall item that even a high school girl can rock out in as she struts through the halls. 

Phlox & Coral Coat

She actually looked really adorable, but the hooks and buttons on this coat screamed "I will destroy the embroidery on this coat". It's just not worth it for an active teen.

And one final picture ... taken at Forever21 in Times Square that shows how adventurous and cute my baby Tazy is with hair accessories:

Now, the outfit of the day is motivated by the fact that I haven't done laundry in weeks, and I had to find something that didn't make me look like a vagabond walking out the door. So this is what I came up with ... I call it "East Meets West":
Salwar Kameez from Bangladesh
Belt from Old Navy
Marrs boots from Aldo


  1. RAWR! You thought I wouldn't ever see this huh?! You're lucky I saw this after you left...I would have judo chopped you kitteh style!

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