Thursday, January 28, 2010

To treat myself, or not to treat myself

As most fashionistas know, Anthropologie gives its cardholders a birthday coupon every year. With my goal of not shopping for myself, I'm kinda torn on whether to make an exception. I have already been good about not stepping foot in a clothing store for over a month ...

until today.

Just to get out of my system all the lovely dresses that I have been drooling over online, I decided to go to Anthropologie to test drive two that I liked. Here are the results:

Around the World Dress
Initially I didn't like it when I saw it in person. "That costs THAT MUCH???" was my reaction. Maybe I just don't like the look of linen. But once I put it on, I had a total change of heart. This might be the first strapless dress that I liked myself in, as opposed to a strapless dress that was just pretty on the hanger but did nothing for me.

There wasn't an angle I didn't like. [Please ignore my cords, it blizzarded today in NYC]

Manisa Dress

Ah, Manisa Dress. How I wish I could like you. But I don't. Your beautiful embroidery did not sway me. I think it was the awkward fit that did you in. Oh, and these:

I hate front pockets. They look frumpy.

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