Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not much spirit for Spirit Week :P

So I realize this Spirit Week post is way late, but I figure it's still ok considering our pep rally and homecoming were postponed to last weekend, a when I would be out of the state -___-. Still, even if I missed it, I always have next year!

For each day of Spirit Week we have a designated dress up day, so this year the schedule was like this:

Monday- Pajama Day
Tuesday- Twin Day (Find someone to dress identically with)
Wednesday- Mix and Match Day
Thursday- Character Day

For Monday, I was really tired, so I decided just to keep it simple by wearing a sweatshirt, some plaid black and white pajama bottoms, and my little stuffed goggy :)

This picture makes me laugh only because we took this in a seminar where we were having a visitation from a rep from Penn State.. so he was pretty confused as to why we were all wearing pajamas...heehee.

For twin day, I usually dress up with my friend every year, so this year we just found inexpensive matching shirts that we could even wear normally, and then I found a bunch of matching accessories.

I know it's not a full length picture, but the only good pictures that were taken of our outfits were by the yearbook photographers, so I'm not counting on ever seeing those... We were wearing matching scarves, silver hoop earings, shirts, and headbands.

Mix and Match day is one that's personally fun for me, only because I get to pull out some clothes that I wouldn't normally wear and not really care about if what I'm wearing coordinates or not. I also love it because my mom gets so embarrassed at how crazy I get with the mixing :)

I look super weird in this picture but I had no choice considering this was the only picture that taken of me that day, and I didn't bother to take any pictures of myself :P. If you're wondering, I was trying to explain some chemistry thing to my mini-bearded friend there.

Finally, Thursday, my absolute favorite day by far- CHARACTER DAY! I take a lot of pride in my Halloween costumes, and since no one really gets to see them very much, I like to show off my costumes in school during Spirit Week, heehee. So this year, I decided to go back to one of my favorite Halloween costumes... *drumroll*


So yeah, that was pretty much my Spirit Week, rolled up into one tasty blog post :) Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to homecoming or the pep rally, but if I get chance when I get back home, I could just take a picture with my class t-shirt to show you guys the awesome-ness of it :)

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