Monday, June 20, 2011

Totally in love with BUTTER

 This dress is making me SWOON!
[dress from Butter by Nadia]

So, in case anyone has been wondering ... I've been a very ill girl since my sister's birthday party. I've had 2 bouts of pink eye, and several asthma attacks, several allergy attacks, and several other medical issues PLUS my hubby had to go through the heartbreaking decision of putting one of his cats to sleep ... so now we have a very lonely and needy cat who has never been without her sister her entire 10 yrs of life. She pretty much wakes us up at odd times since she doesn't have her sister to play with. I miss Little Cat very much :'(
Luckily our family will be embarking on a fabulous vacation soon, so I'll be gone from the blogosphere for a little longer, but I promise to post some fab pics when we get back.

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