Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trying on some stuff for fun

 Decided to go to Anthro @ Rockefeller Center today to check out the sale. Ended up trying on some of the new dresses that came in.

Serengeti Sundress
Thought the dress was cute online, but definitely changed my mind once I was in the fitting room.

Oroya Dress
This dress would definitely be one that the Hubby would like since it does great things for my "assets" ... but I was very uncomfortable.

Swinging Sweetheart Dress
I tried this lovely on because it looks so parisian ... and I think Tazy would appreciate it. However, the pink top is very sheer, and I feel like it runs large.

Traced Twirls Dress
I'm a huge fan of any dress that looks like I could go swing dancing in it. I loved the pattern and the bodice, but I'm not to crazy about halter dresses. I did like the pink accent underneath.

Though I didn't buy any of these dresses, I did walk away with the three lovelies below for about $10 each. Yeay me!

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